Houseplant Resource Center Monstera Plant Food with NPK 5-2-3 Ratio – Liquid Formulation Supports Optimal Nutrient Dispersal and Balanced Nitrogen Response for Strong Root Growth

By | July 28, 2020

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monstera plant resource center, monstera plantmonstera plant resource center, monstera plant

premium monstera food, monstera food, fertilizer, monstera plantpremium monstera food, monstera food, fertilizer, monstera plant

Beautiful Monsteras, Monstera PlantBeautiful Monsteras, Monstera Plant





monstera plant

monstera plant

Give the best to your Monsteras

Feeding your monsteras a precise balance of nutrients is crucial to their ability to grow year after year and produce luscious green leaves. Our exclusive indoor plant food and fertilizer for monsteras boasts a perfect NPK ratio of 5-2-3 that delivers all the key nutrients necessary to ensure strong root systems and the healthy, vigorous growth that leads your plants to burst with life.

Natural & Gentle Formula

Made specifically for monstera plants our plant food will help guide your plants to a longer, more beautiful life and provide the most care possible. We have developed an extremely safe fertilizer that you can use every time you water your plants. It has special micro nutrients in it to keep your roots safe and to deliver growth in a very healthy plant. Give your monstera plants the care they deserve!

Perfect solution for Monsteras

The Monstera Plant Resource Center is woman owned small business that is composed of a team of plant lovers! While researching the best way to give our plants the nutrients they need, we have partnered with plant experts to create a solution that we can share! Every product from our research center has been thoroughly formulated to be safe and healthy for your plants!

how to use, fertilizer, monstera plant food, planthow to use, fertilizer, monstera plant food, plant

GROW BIG, BOLD PLANTS that complement your home’s tropical feel when you use Monstera Plant Food. Specifically formulated for Monstera Plants, it promotes proper leaf development and root growth.
ENCOURAGE GROWTH with exclusive plant nutrients that strengthen root systems. As the lifeline of plants, hearty roots transport air and water from soil to leaves, resulting in energy for development and survival.
PERFECT NPK RATIO of 5-2-3 supports strong, healthy and vibrant Swiss Cheese Plants with enormous, deep-green leaves. Through balanced nitrogen response, it helps your Monstera Plant thrive and flourish.
EFFICIENT LIQUID FORMULATION optimizes dispersal of vital nutrients. Unlike the inconsistent application of granular plant food, Monstera Liquid Plant Food delivers fortifying nutrients throughout the plant.
JUST REMEMBER THE 2’S for easy preparation and treatment. Add a teaspoon of Monstera Plant Food to 2 cups of water and apply with normal watering every 2 weeks to grow rich, hardy Monstera Plants year-round.

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