FLORO Plant Watering Spikes, Automatic Plant Self Watering System for Home and Office, Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic, Use in Indoor and Outdoor Gardens, 4 Pack

By | July 29, 2020

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Take a Worry-Free Vacation!
When planning a vacation, one of the concerns of a plant enthusiast is finding someone reliable and trustworthy to water the plants and flowers while you are away. With the effective and convenient self-watering pottery spikes, you can take your trip worry-free! These handy automatic plant waterers use the unique absorbing properties of ceramic. Consequently, it slowly seeps water into your plant’s soil, providing your greens with just the right amount of water to thrive, never too much and never too little. This all-natural gardening irrigation system passively waters your plants for approximately two weeks, depending on the size of the bottle.

Set Up Your Watering System in Minutes!
Begin by moistening the soil that your ceramic stake will be placed in. Using your fingers, gently make a hole into the soil where the point will enter. This will help avoid breaking the tip off the pottery sheath by pressing too hard. Fill a long neck bottle with water and place the bottle upside down into the spike, matching the shape of the bottle. Place the watering device into the indent and gently press into the soil. It’s as simple as that!

Please note: There is no hole in the plant watering stake as that is not necessary. Once saturated with water, the terracotta material naturally seeps water into the soil.

Tips and Tricks to Using the Plant Stakes
Use a clear bottle so you can easily see if the water needs to be refilled.
Insert the watering stake at an angle to avoid tipping in smaller pots.
Soak the ceramic spike before use to quicken the seepage process.
If using a glass bottle, press the stake into the soil and then add the bottle. Pressing on a glass bottle in the ceramic sheath can cause breakage.

✔ PROMOTES OVERALL PLANT HEALTH — Water is a basic need of all types of flowers, herbs and plants. For leaves to be the brightest green and blossoms to bloom beautifully, it is important to provide just the right amount of moisture. This fast-acting plant irrigation system keeps soil moist so your plants are always receiving the beneficial nutrients they absorb from the soil.
✔ ECO-FRIENDLY, RUST-RESISTANT CERAMIC — Made using premium, breathable and corrosion-resistant red loam soil, often called ceramic or terracotta, the practical water seepage spikes are safe for your plants and for the environment. Keep in mind that these red pottery watering devices are handmade with all natural material; they are not works of art and may have small visual flaws which have no effect on functionality.
✔ FITS MOST LONG NECKED BOTTLES — At a length of about 7” with a 2” round opening, the Terracotta Self-Watering Stakes from Floro are designed to mimic the shape and size of common long-necked bottles. It is a great opportunity to reuse empty wine bottles and recycled bottles. Glass works best, but plastic bottles will also work.
✔ WORKS WITH BOTH INDOOR & OUTDOOR PLANTS — Versatile and efficient, the ceramic plant waterers are perfect for houseplants, flowers and outdoor gardens. Whether you have hanging ferns in your living room, a peace lily on your desk or begonias in your backyard, the watering stakes keep your plants healthy and safe from droughts.
✔ GREAT GIFT FOR EXPERT & BEGINNER GARDENERS — People who are new to gardening may be concerned about how much or how little to water their new plants. The easy to use 4-pack of Floro Plant Watering Spikes are the perfect gift for beginner gardening enthusiasts. Expert horticulturist will love the gift as an innovative addition to their existing greenhouse.

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